Homelux D-LUX Gold, HDURA CI 30US, 323 sq. ft. Crack Suppression and Isolation Underlayment Roll

  • $ 379.99

By installing Homelux Crack Suppression and Isolation Underlayment, most cracks in the foundation are prevented from affecting your tile installation. The tile flooring is isolated from the foundation and thus remains undamaged. Tile can therefore even be laid on old or problematic foundations with no difficulty. Proven performance that is fully ANSI approved with a manufacturer's limited lifetime warranty.

  • Prevents tile surface cracks caused by substrate movement
  • 100% waterproof (when used in conjunction with joint tape)
  • Fast and easy installation with wide clover leaf holes for optimum mortar contact with tiles
  • Rapid expansion and contraction makes it perfect for use with underfloor heating systems
  • 7/64 in. product height and 1/64 in. foil thickness